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Lakshay's Programming Journey

Learning is a myth…

Learning is a myth…

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Lakshay Manchanda
·Jul 2, 2022·

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Not actually, it's just to grab your attention😋. But there is a myth about learning…

Everyone has a learning "style."

I used to believe that I have a style of learning, only by which I can learn things and that is to pick up a project. This way was not working for everything😕, instead this belief restricted me from trying different ways. I believed if I am not able to learn this way, I can't learn that thing😑.


So, All the above Gyan(Knowledge)🧠 I gave is because I tried a new way of learning and I am going to share my experience on "How much time on average a developer needs to start with Mobile Development?".


To start with, it's 2 hours⏲ and to get a basic understanding, it's 5 days. So how I started it, I headed over to (It's an amazing website you can put up any question on it😅) and searched "Kotlin". Then I got an ad on top by the, I clicked and boom, I got the course which I should start with and for free🆓. It has some units, I covered 2 units in 5 days due to a lack of time.

Here are the things, I learned from these 2 units:

  • Kotlin language basics
  • Created my first app
  • Connecting my mobile with a wired and wireless connection with the android studio to see live changes
  • Adding Images, Texts, Buttons, etc. using the Design view of android studio.
  • Reading and writing the code in XML
  • Making the app interactive (Performing an action on clicks)
  • Adding styles in components using XML
  • Theme  Editing - light and dark themes
  • Adding material components and material icons
  • Changing the app icon
  • Writing instrumentation tests
  • Classes and Inheritance

And in these 5 days of learning, I made four apps with their automated tests.

So, from my practical experience, I can say you just need to take the first step to start learning mobile development. Then you don't need to ask anyone "How much time will it take me to learn...". Also, you don't need to read this blog(Just Kidding)😜.

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